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We work every week with Woolston Brook School. This is a school for pupils with Social, Emotional and Mental Health issues (SEMH) who have been removed from mainstream education. Our instructors work in the school on a weekly basis providing outdoor pursuits opportunities for some of the young people in years 7 - 9. As such, through the year, they will have the opportunity to take part in mountain biking, indoor climbing, water sports such as kayaking and raft building, camping expeditions and wilderness survival skills

This is a long term process designed to connect with the young people who are often struggling with a broad range of social issues, difficult home lives and anti-social behaviour

The sessions we deliver are designed to provide opportunities for the young people to succeed, to build their confidence, develop positive communications skills and have something to be proud of and look forward to each week. In addition to this, as the young people develop new skills, those who are able, will have the opportunity to help as a “Trainee Instructor” on our Primary School projects. This gives them work based experience, builds their self-esteem and puts them in a position of being a positive role model. In recent years, a number of the pupils that we worked with, have achieved their Level 1 in NICAS (Indoor Climbing Wall Award) and have been able to assist in this activity and others on our primary school projects


Overall Project Aims:
• To improve the pupils’ attitude to themselves, to others and to school
• To provide the pupils with positive male role models
• To engage excluded pupils in positive and exciting outdoor activities throughout the academic year
• To provide pastoral care and support
• To teach the pupils new skills and give them an opportunity to put them into practice in real life situations helping    them to realise their potential
• To give the pupils opportunities to become role models themselves


This project was developed in response to a need identified by the school. They recognised that in order to succeed the young people needed additional pastoral support and different opportunities to gain new skills and experience. It has been carefully planned in conjunction with the senior management of the school

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