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10 for 10

can you help us to raise over £10,000?

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We rely heavily on our 2 minibuses and van to transport ourselves, our groups and our equipment out and about.Sadly, our van and one of the minibuses are suffering from old age and fatigue, and their days are certainly numbered! We would like to raise over £10,000 to go towards replacing these vehicles. Getting our groups of children out onto their projects is paramount, so we want to focus on purchasing a minibus first.Can you help?Can you do 10 things - anything really to help us reach our target?You can do a sponsored bike ride for 10 miles, bake 10 cakes to sell, run round the park 10 times, sail across 10 oceans, absolutely anything.The main thing to remember is " 10 "Our campaign will run for, yes you guessed it, 10 months. So you can choose anytime to do your 10 things.

We need you!

We need as many people as possible to get involved, maybe you have supported us previously...maybe this is the first time...whatever YOU can do will help us to reach our goal.

We want you to be able to support us by doing ANY 10 things...really the choice is yours...just link it to the number "10" somehow.

We have a justgiving page dedicated to our 10 for 10 campaign.

You can set up your own page to connect it to our campaign page so people can easily go online, see your progress, and sponsor you.

If you don't want to set up a page for your event you don't need to...

you can just organise it all yourself, collect the money however you want to, and then go to the "give now" button on our justgiving page (or simply contact our office).

If you need any help at all with any aspect, please do get in touch with our office  below, and we will try to help.

We don't want anything to put you off supporting us



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