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news update

clothing collection

For many years now we have been running our clothing collection to help raise funds towards our projects.
Over the last number of months, as we're sure you are aware, covid-19 and brexit have had a massive impact on all businesses. Two of the industries affected are transport and the collection services we use to manage our donations.
Sadly, we are now not in a position to take in any clothing donations, and so cannot run this event.
Hopefully, this is only temporary and may return at some point.
A huge thank you to all those who have faithfully donated clothing over the years...your help has made a difference!

2020-10-26 09.38.37.jpg

fundraiser dinner

It's with huge disappointment that we announce the postponement of our annual fundraising dinner.

Having to cancel last year's event due to lockdown was devastating, and we had hoped that normal service would have resumed by now.

Clearly, above everything else, is our priority to keep everyone safe and healthy. It is great that things are improving globally, but we appreciate that a number of people are still concerned about indoor gatherings like this event.

We really do hope that it can return  in late 2022....we'll let you know.

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