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about us

Active Hope is a Christian charity based in Warrington, we are committed to providing quality outdoor and adventurous activities from well qualified and enthusiastic instructors to children and young people from across the area.

Active Hope is non-profit making organisation, all the money received goes straight back into the work of the charity. We are supported by individuals and some larger Charitable trusts.

We work with children and young people from all backgrounds offering them new and exciting opportunities and experiences. As our tag line (Life - Faith - Adventure) suggests we want children to have new experiences in life, to encourage them to look at faith and to embrace adventure in all its forms.

We believe that outdoor and adventurous activities offer children and young people the opportunities to experience challenge, to develop valuable life skills and gain a fantastic sense of achievement.

As part of our work in schools we start our sessions by leading the Class, Key Stage or School in the daily act of collective worship. This is central to who we are as an organisation. Using a range of stories, role-play and quizzes we aim to make the experience relevant and interesting to the children. We can  tailor this to link with school themes which can be discussed with our instructors.

Active Hope is a Christian Charity that will provide groups with a positive experience of the outdoors. These groups may come from schools, churches, Social Services or from underprivileged backgrounds, Drug Rehabilitation Schemes and deprived areas.

The long-term vision of the Organisation will be to open a centre that would be the base for these activities. In the meantime, it is intended to be a free-lance organisation offering opportunities to groups where they are and taking them out into God’s amazing creation.


Our Vision
"to provide quality Outdoor Education, led by Christian Instructors, for children and young people of all backgrounds as a direct and quality witness of the practical Love of Jesus"


Our Aims

To share the Good News of the Gospel of Jesus.

To enable children and young people from all circumstances and backgrounds to participate in Outdoor and Adventurous Activities.

To provide support to those groups whose access is limited by finance or circumstance


Groups we work with :

School groups, both primary and secondary,

Excluded pupil groups.

Pupils with Emotional, Social and Mental Health issues (SEMH)

Existing relational Christian organisations by providing support in their ministry with young people.

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