which way now

The Which Way Now Project is a 4 session programme that works with Key Stage 2 children on their own school grounds.

It offers whole classes the opportunity to develop their;

  • team work skills

  • leadership skills

  • communication skills

  • cooperation skills 

Each session starts with a class assembly and then is followed with team building and problems solving activities, adventure lines and orienteering activities.

Each week the instructor gives out achievement awards and a star of the week trophies.

It is a well led and carefully managed project that classes thrive on either as part of a wider work with Active Hope or simply as a stand alone project


The Benefits of the Which Way Now Project

Outdoor and Adventurous Activities have a major part to play within a balanced curriculum. They have significant benefits to the individual and to the School. 

Active Hope works towards Eight High Quality Outcomes, as recognised by Ofsted, through the ‘Which Way Now Project’

  1. Enjoyment – there is a great deal of fun in this Project helping children to adopt a positive attitude to challenge and adventure.

  2. Confidence – through taking on the new challenges and activities of the Project, children are gaining personal confidence and raised self-esteem

  3. Social Awareness – within the activities the children are developing their self-awareness and social skills. This enables them to begin to appreciate the contribution and achievements of themselves and their team mates.

  4. Activity Skills – through exploring the new activities and challenges the children are acquiring and developing a range of new skills in Outdoor Activities.

  5. Personal Qualities – Throughout the project we see children demonstrating increased initiative, self-reliance, responsibility, perseverance and commitment.

  6. Key Skills – The Which Way Now Project is a great first step in learning crucial life skills such as communication, problem solving, leadership and team work.

  7. Health and Fitness – there is plenty of aerobic exercise involved in the Project helping the children to appreciate the benefits of an active lifestyle.

  8. Increased motivation and appetite for learning – children display increased motivation leading to raised levels of self-expectation and achievement. This positive effect can impact all areas of their learning.


Four Sessions
-Each session lasts approximately 2 hours (dependent on school play times)
-They are outdoor sessions
-The sessions take place in all weather (unless extremely cold or wet)
-All sessions have team building and problem solving games and activities. These can be paired activities, small group or whole class
-Each session uses an Adventure Trust Trail (more details below)
-Over the 4 sessions basic Orienteering skills are taught and used
-The session begins and ends in the classroom with the celebration assembly and daily act of worship


The Activities

Team building and problem solving games
We use a wide range and it’s never quite the same school to school. The children are encouraged to develop their understanding of how a team works effectively. Communication skills are focused on and develop well through the project. Some activities involve blindfolds which add a different dimension for the children to think about.

We ask that the children have a set activity partner and groups for the project. We have found that this not only saves valuable time in the session but also serves to build more effective teamwork skills through the activities.


Adventure Trust Trails.
These are set up using the natural features of the school grounds whether that be a single tree, some bushes or just a goal post. The trails are over 100m long, the children are challenged to follow the Trail line through the course. There may be obstacles to avoid, problems to solve or mystery objects to identify. This can be a paired activity or an individual challenge.

Without doubt the Adventure Trust Trails are always one of the favourites with the children. The trails can be adapted to all school grounds and playgrounds.


Each week the children have the opportunity to develop their orienteering and basic trail finding skills. A basic map of the school grounds is produced allowing the children to develop these skills within a familiar environment.

The skills are built up so that on the last session we can have a large timed event. Orienteering is usually done as a paired activity and is well enjoyed by the children. It is also an excellent way to develop aerobic fitness.


With all of the activities, Active Hope bring all the necessary equipment for each session. This includes photocopied maps and score cards. We also can support schools by providing waterproofs, wellies, fleeces, hats and gloves.


Before the Project starts
Prior to the commencement of the Project, the school grounds will be mapped and risk assessed. The school will be provided with evidence of:

  • DBS checks

  • Insurance certificate and letter

  • First aid certificates

  • Copies of the activity risk assessments