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The Which Way Now Project is a 4 session programme that works with Key Stage 2 children on their own school grounds.

It offers whole classes the opportunity to develop their;

  • team work skills

  • leadership skills

  • communication skills

  • cooperation skills 

Each session starts with a class assembly and then is followed with team building and problems solving activities, adventure lines and orienteering activities.

Each week the instructor gives out achievement awards and a star of the week trophies.

It is a well led and carefully managed project that classes thrive on either as part of a wider work with Active Hope or simply as a stand alone project


Four Sessions
-Each session lasts approximately 2 hours (dependent on school play times)
-They are outdoor sessions
-The sessions take place in all weather (unless extremely cold or wet)
-All sessions have team building and problem solving games and activities. These can be paired activities, small group or whole class
-Each session uses an Adventure Trust Trail (more details below)
-Over the 4 sessions basic Orienteering skills are taught and used
-The session begins and ends in the classroom with the celebration assembly and daily act of worship

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